Anxiety & Stress Management Hypnosis

I specialize in offering a variety of hypnosis techniques that assist individuals with moving through anxious feelings and also teach self hypnosis. It was my own personal path to learn how to work through fear and anxiety and in doing so, connect deeply with individuals who are on this same path. I offer a Raleigh hypnosis service in a suburb of Raleigh – Cary, NC.

Through interactive sessions where I am present with you 100% of the time, personally guiding you through a process of relaxation, you will experience a variety of techniques I have found to be most efficient and effective in working with anxious feelings and stress management. You may find that through this process, your relationship with the anxious feelings and stress you experience changes. Essentially, your relationship with yourself changes and as that occurs, the stuck feelings no longer has such a hold on your life. For some, the process entails working with the inner critic, as that can result in feelings of anxiety that govern behavior.


I offer a compassionate environment where you are encouraged and supported to be gentle and kind with yourself.  I will fully support you on this path as you find ways to manage stress and feelings of fear. It is within your ability to reclaim your inner strength and allow peace to flow within and through you. As this process is set in motion, you will be led to live a life full of meaning and purpose. Reconnect with your inner wisdom today and allow your light to shine.


Both hypnosis and mindfulness meditation practices have been shown to give individuals the ability to manage stress more effectively. While you may not be able to eliminate all stress from your life, it is within your power to alter the way you respond to that stress and ultimately create a different relationship with your internal and external experiences. I utilize a combination of both mindfulness and hypnosis to create a program specifically tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle in a way that will walk you through this process. I will offer you tools to help you live a more peaceful and joyous life. Please note that my approach differs from a more traditional psychotherapy approach of CBT – these are not the same techniques used, nor am I practicing as a psychotherapist.

What to expect:

Please allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for your first appointment. All subsequent sessions will be 75-90 minutes in length. Our first appointment together will consist of getting to know one another and experiencing a session in guided relaxation. Each progressive session will be tailored to your needs and supplemental practices offered as a means to supporting your journey with stress management in settings outside of the hypnotherapy environment. In hypnosis sessions, you will receive guidance in how to clear out old behavior patterns that no longer serve you and make space for your truest self to arrive.  You will be guided through hypnosis to find the means to reduce stressful events in your life if you are unclear or feeling “stuck”. Most people come for 3-4 sessions as an average.

Special Note!

Please note that hypnotherapy is not intended to replace needed medical or mental health care and is not the same as psychotherapy. If you are in need of such services, I network with professionals in these fields and can help you find the appropriate care.


What some of our clients have to say about hypnosis for anxiety and stress management:

“I had such a wonderful experience during my hypnotherapy session with Jennifer and truly appreciated her flexibility to travel to the Cary office and work me into her schedule in such a timely manner. I found the overall experience very comforting and her voice very soothing as she helped me overcome my anxiety as I faced my National Board Exam.  I really appreciated the  tools she gave me to help recognize and conquer my fears and anxieties, and  I am still able to utilize them when faced with any challenges. I highly recommend Jennifer Catlin for her professional and effective hypnotherapy services and will not hesitate to return for more hypnotherapy if needed in the future.     – K.S.


“I first contacted Jennifer Catlin at The Mindful Way as a last resort to gain access to fragmented memories of my childhood.  I had been attending traditional counseling on and off for years with little success.  The traditional counseling sessions would always hit a wall and could not continue due to the frustration of the inability to access the memories I had hidden away.  I was skeptical that hypnosis could help me retrieve the information, however I was desperate to try.  During the first meeting Jennifer immediately put me at ease, explained what hypnosis was and the process we would take.  She made me feel safe as she gently led me to my suppressed memories.  She was present with me and kept a protective net around me as I explored my memories.  The visualizations given to me through the exercises kept me focused on the goal at hand while making it easy to assign pictures, colors and sounds to my feelings.  As Jennifer guided me week after week through the cobwebs I finally reached my destination which gave me all of the answers I desired.  The answers then led me to a wholeness that I had not felt in years.  I would highly recommend Jennifer Catlin and her expertise in hypnosis therapy.” – M.B.


“Jennifer is truly a professional that goes above and beyond a regular hypnotherapy session. She sincerely cares about your progress and puts in the time outside of the session to follow up and supplement it with other resources that may be beneficial. Her services are excellent and highly recommended!”      – S.K. 


“Jennifer was able to do a general hypnotherapy session with me.  Not knowing what to expect, I found the experience to be deeply relaxing as Jennifer guided me through many layers of progressive relaxation, and helped me create space where I could discover more about myself.  Her gentle, calm presence and voice were comforting and soothing in this crazy busy world.”

– A.K.


*Raleigh hypnosis service in the Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Chapel Hill, Cary, Fuquay-Varina and Holly Springs, NC areas.*