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Past life regression hypnotherapy sessions are held in Cary, NC – a suburb of Raleigh, NC

Past life regression hypnotherapy sessions connect you with soul memories and your highest self. Your natural state is one of wholesomeness and perfection. It is not something you have to strive to become because deep within, you already are. You come from a place of unconditional love and perfection, and yet the human experience can feel far from that. We are here to experience ourselves in physical state because that is how we grow and evolve. We are a vital part of this web that connects us all – a web that extends far beyond our planet. A past life regression hypnosis session demonstrates this interconnected web we weave.


A child cannot experience all there is to help them be a functional adult within one day. One way to view past life regression sessions is that humans cannot experience and fully integrate all there is to learn about various energies and emotions such as trust, love, compassion, interconnection and other great life lessons in just one lifetime. All experiences accumulate into the person that you are today through energetic memory imprints. Some clients report having lived more lives than others and some very few lives. Some individuals report remembering lives in other places and realms. There are also significant variations in beliefs surrounding the process of death and afterlife.  It is not even necessary to believe in past lives in order to benefit from a past life regression session, as it can also be viewed as a safe way to metaphorically experience your present life circumstances. It is all a great mystery.


I do not claim to know the truth of what happens after death or how to explain various phenomena, but I have personally witnessed through life and this work, experiences I cannot fully put words to. Words are too limiting to convey the emotional connection and familiarity some feel to other places, people, times and synchronistic experiences. Think of all of the events that had to take place in order for you to arrive in the moment you are, right here and now. It is quite mind boggling and yet miraculous. I continuously immerse myself in the works of Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss and others as I embark upon my own journey of self discovery.


I will never try and convince you of any particular belief. I can speak from personal experience , but I see my role as guiding and supporting you to discover your own truth. I encourage you to explore with openness and find what resonates deep in your core. You will know because it feels right. There is no fear in this place. Fear is a human condition that can distract you from your truth but there are ways of working with fear to rediscover what it is you already know within.  I will walk with you on this path to self discovery and support you in a safe, kind, and compassionate way. No matter what you believe, whether it is a belief in nature, God, energy, science, or not holding a belief in anything in particular, I encourage you to explore this belief and live authentically – true to yourself. I have a particularly analytical mind and have learned how to work with that in order to successfully connect with my highest self through past life regression.


It is possible to live a meaningful life, even when life doesn’t feel so meaningful. Past life regression sessions can help open the doorway to experiencing a life with purpose. Some individuals experience emotional connections so deeply tied to past life memories, that they cannot deny the existence or possibility of having been here before. Others view PLR sessions as a metaphor for their current life, but do not necessarily believe in past lives. Wherever you are on your journey, and whatever your belief, I respect you and encourage you to use your session in the manner that is most helpful and supportive of your individual process. Individuals I have worked with report discovering helpful insight in past life regression sessions that can relate to their current life. For some, it is a remembering of specific skills, talents or abilities needed to be carried forth, or connection to specific individuals we have relationships with, unhelpful and recurring experiences they are able to release and carry forward only the lesson learned, and for many, connection to or a magnified sense of purpose and living a life with meaning. Past life regression sessions are a safe way to connect to this abundance and you can experience it, right here in Raleigh, NC.

Below are some client testimonials regarding their experience with past life regression sessions:


“Jennifer was professional and friendly, making me feel comfortable right when I walked in for my past life regression session. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it, but it went well. The experience was profound; I’m amazed that I understand more and more about it as time goes on. Very much looking forward to another one!”


“I experienced a past life regression with Jennifer and absolutely love the fact that I continue to gain insight into the significance. Jennifer was so professional and kind.”

– S.T.

“My introduction to Jennifer was for a past life regression (PLR) session.  I had never been hypnotized before, and was a little skeptical that I could be.  That being said, I was also excited about the possibility of remembering another lifetime, and psyched myself up beforehand to just go with the flow. During the getting-to-know-you part of my appointment, before the regression process began, I felt increasingly comfortable being in Jennifer’s presence. I could tell she was a sensitive, tuned-in individual, who was going to guide me back in time with the utmost care.  And as it turned out, I had quite an incredible experience.  I’m definitely going back!”

– J.R.


“I was skeptical about the process and whether it was going to be useful or not. However, Jennifer guided me through a Past Life Regression session recently that was very helpful. She helped me relax very deeply which enabled me to access some subconscious thoughts and ideas that were blocking my joy and creative process. Now I am thriving and much more content! I am so glad I tried it!”


“I thought I would be nervous about being hypnotized, but it was relaxing and was very similar to my experience with guided meditation. With Jen’s guidance and specific questions I was able to find some answers about what I want to do next in my own journey. I don’t think I  could have pinpointed it on my own as easily without her help.”
– J.K.


Sessions with me are 2-3 hours in length and include brief accounts of childhood and womb regression. Most of the session will be spent experiencing past life recall.  Some people worry about what happens if they are not able to go into a past life. Although this is extremely rare, it can happen if you become blocked for some reason. If this were to happen, I will offer you a general healing session instead of a regression so that you are still able to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy and your time and money is not wasted. These general healing sessions are very beneficial in clearing old negative thought patterns and bringing a sense of clarity to your life. Again, please know this is very rare. I have worked with countless individuals and even when some nervousness is experienced, we are almost always able to have a successful session.


Regardless of your belief system, you are important and you matter. It is within your ability to live a meaningful and positive life, making a difference for yourself and others. My promise to you is that I will offer you a safe, non-judgmental environment to explore the path that most resonates with you and I will honor that path. I honor the wholeness and love that you are.

If you are interested in how to become a hypnotherapist and offer past life regression to others or in attending hypnosis training, click here.

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