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The Mindful Way is a Raleigh hypnosis center, where you will receive hypnosis and mindfulness services in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment. I offer a variety of hypnosis techniques. My office is located in Cary, NC – a suburb of Raleigh, NC. Hypnosis is a deeply focused state of mind, but one where the individual experiencing it remains awake, aware and in complete control throughout the entire process. The process of hypnosis is utilizing guided imagery – allowing your mind to daydream. It is something we all do every day, often without even realizing it. In hypnosis, once you are relaxed and between a fully wakeful and sleeping state, we utilize various tools and guided imagery to help you achieve your goals. Hypnosis is not something that is done to you, but rather, you are an active participant in the process and fully aware as you are guided. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. I simply guide you to reconnect with the inner wisdom you already possess. For specific information on how hypnosis can help you, check out the “Hypnosis For” section in the side bar. Also, please check out the FAQ page for commonly asked questions.

 Individual hypnosis sessions are an efficient and effective way to establish behavior change and achieve your personal goals. With your input, I design each session to meet your particular needs and with your comfort in mind. I utilize a unique and extremely effective approach of combining mindfulness with hypnosis.  All of the sessions are client-centered, because I believe that you possess the power and wisdom for change within. Rather than rely solely on suggestive techniques, your sessions will be personally tailored and interactive. As the client, your inner wisdom is honored and respected. Hypnosis is a process of guided relaxation and while relaxed, I utilize specific techniques such as guided imagery and other tools to enable you to explore and transform. 

Hypnosis can assist individuals with the following and more:

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Group Hypnosis in Raleigh

Group hypnosis may be offered to groups of individuals who desire the same goals. While individual sessions hone in on specific details related to goal achievement and enable an individual to receive the most efficient means to achieve this, group sessions can be an effective means to supporting behavior change and allows individuals to come together for a sole purpose and through a common bond. Corporate hypnosis experiences allow individuals to improve overall health and wellness through a gentle means of receiving guided imagery. This is an effective and efficient tool to help your employees improve their wellbeing, improving efficiency in the workplace, less time needed for sick days, and an increase in employee satisfaction.

Some of the possible hypnosis sessions for groups and corporations include those to assist individuals with:


CD Recordings

If you are unable to travel to me for a private session or prefer to experience the benefits of relaxation in the comfort of your own home, I offer recordings that may assist you through this process. Please visit my products page for details.

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