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I utilize an effective smoking cessation program designed to help you quit smoking forever. I have worked with countless individuals in the Raleigh, NC area who changed their lives as they quit smoking! Many individuals have told me about their concerns of being a long time chain smoker since they were young teens, but these same people have found this hypnosis program to be highly effective for them. This program is efficient, and together with your commitment, provides significant results. This program is designed to get you to quit smoking in just one hour – after the very first session! A second session is provided for reinforcement purposes just two days after your first session. It’s as easy as that! This program is reimbursable through FSA and HSA plans with a physician’s note.

With this successful program combining mindful awareness and hypnosis, the root cause of smoking is addressed, with healthy and desirable behaviors taking their place. I offer you a specific, easy, unobtrusive and effective technique to replace the smoking habit. Some people are afraid of quitting because they fear weight gain or replacement of other undesirable behaviors. However, in hypnosis with this specific program, the cause of smoking is eliminated and therefore that behavior will not be replaced with one that is undesirable to you.

Reclaim your right to living a healthy, happy and peaceful life. You deserve this and you can do it! This is a holistic, non-medicated approach to quit smoking. The time is now!

Services are offered in Cary, NC – a suburb of Raleigh, NC

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

After I checked in with this individual some time after the program was complete, this was sent to me:   “I am doing well so far. I haven’t had any (cigarettes) and the cravings seem to be better all the time.” – C.Y.

What to expect:

Please allow two hours for the first appointment. The second follow-up session will be 60-75 minutes in length. All you need to do is possess a real desire to quit smoking right at this moment and be willing to commit to that desire. The smoking cessation program is paid for up front as a package at the completion of the initial session, and refunds are not allotted as a firm commitment to the program is needed. Two sessions are scheduled, the second just 2 days after the first to allow for some reinforcement as your body detoxes the chemicals. Although rarely needed, if a third is desired specifically for smoking cessation, I offer that to you at no charge. Prepare to quit after your first session, after just one hour of hypnosis. Please contact me for payment information.

If you wish to quit smoking for a specific date/event in the future, please wait and schedule a session at that time. I view my services and your level of commitment as teamwork. A commitment in the here and now is needed from you in order to experience success – I provide the rest!

If you really want to live free of smoking, call me now! I am here for you and fully support you in this process. It’s quick and simple! Imagine the future, smoke-free you NOW!

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For more resources, information and support in quitting smoking, this is a great group!    https://quitza.com/groups/1082/quitting-smoking-with-hypnosis

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