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Living with fears and phobias can significantly limit your daily activities and participation in life itself. If you have a fear that interferes with your life, hypnosis and mindfulness are safe tools and a comfortable way to explore and create a different relationship to the fearful feelings, which allows them to move beyond you. Hypnotherapy at The Mindful Way allows you to reclaim your inner power and live life to its fullest. I will personally guide you through the process using various tools in a state of hypnosis (relaxation), where you are fully conscious and aware,  and assist you with feeling safe and protected so you can readily explore and release what is no longer serving you. Whether it be a fear of flying, needles, dental work, medical work, animals/insects, or more, I am here to support you through this journey.

Services are offered in Cary, NC – a suburb of Raleigh/Durham, NC.

What to expect:

Please allow 90 minutes -2 hours for your first appointment. We will talk for about 45-60 minutes during this time and you will experience approximately 60 minutes of hypnosis. Most people resolve their fearful feelings within 2-4 sessions. All subsequent sessions after the first will be 75-90 minutes in length.


NOTE: I do not diagnose or treat diagnosed conditions. If you are in need of a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, I do network with some individuals and am happy to provide a referral. This process is about shifting your inner world to bring about behavioral change so you can comfortably achieve your goals!


What some our clients have to say about releasing their fears!

“Jen was able to help me so much with my intense fear of needles, through hypnosis. A few days after our session, I was able to have blood drawn, with minimal fear, and walk out within minutes. I was also able to go about my day normally. In the past, the process had consumed my mind with fear while trying desperately not to pass out, not always successfully, and limited my day to being home and trying to forget the experience.  Jen was gentle and understanding, and had a way of making me feel completely relaxed and open. It was an emotional experience, but one that I learned so much from and am glad I tried. If you have a fear, or something you need help dealing with, I urge you to contact The Mindful Way.”

– T.M.


“Jennifer is truly a professional that goes above and beyond a regular hypnotherapy session. She sincerely cares about your progress and puts in the time outside of the session to follow up and supplement it with other resources that may be beneficial. Her services are excellent and highly recommended!”                                         -S.K. 


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*Serving the Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Chapel Hill, Cary, Fuquay-Varina and Holly Springs, NC areas.*

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