Pain Management Hypnosis

I strongly believe in the body/mind/spirit connection.  When one is imbalanced, the others are effected. When we carry physical pain, it is bound to affect us mentally and emotionally in some capacity. The frustration alone can be challenging for most people who experience chronic pain or illness. Hypnosis can help an individual to cope and effectively manage their pain or illness in a non-invasive manner. Jennifer believes we each possess the ability to support our health in body, mind and spirit. However, it takes a holistic approach to reach the very deepest levels of healing needed. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness are  safe, effective and non-invasive tools for managing pain. Learn how to live life to its fullest as you increase your level of comfort and peace through the experiences you face.

What to expect:

Allow 90 minutes -2 hours for your first session. All subsequent appointments will be 60-90 minutes in length. We will spend about 30-45 minutes gaining background information and at your first appointment, you will experience about an hour long hypnosis session. We will review progress and how you are feeling briefly at subsequent appointments, but spend the majority of our time experiencing hypnotherapy. Jennifer will offer mindfulness techniques and practices to support you between sessions. Most individuals attend 2-4 sessions.

Special Note!

I make no claims to be able to heal any illness and my services are not intended as a substitute for medical care, but rather a support tool. Some individuals have reported remarkable experiences through the use of hypnosis as a tool, but this is not the specific intention, as there are many factors involved in physical pain or illness. I am here to guide you in understanding and more effectively managing your pain. This is a non-invasive and non-medicated approach to doing so, but is certainly not a substitute for needed medical care. This process is about shifting your relationship to the pain and processing some deeper connections between your mind and the pain you experience in the body. If you are receiving care from a doctor, I am happy to consult with him/her to develop sessions tailored to your specific needs. On rare occasions, a doctor’s referral note may be required and I maintain the right to request this before services are rendered. I would only do so if I feel it in your best interest in developing a program to most effectively meet your needs.

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