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My newest CD, “Being Peace: Mindfulness Meditations for Cultivating Calmness” is available in CD format or digital download at these places, or you can order directly from me by emailing: [email protected]


– This CD will support you in your mindfulness meditation and stress management practice.  Some of the benefits you can expect to receive through these practices include:

  • Inner peace
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Calm
  • Ability to effectively manage stress (often resulting in better health! Practicing mindfulness can be a support tool in helping you to lower blood pressure and other markers of health and wellbeing, though is not a substitute for medical care)
  • Ability to effectively manage emotions
  • Ability to process anger directed at others
  • Self confidence
  • Self worthiness
  • Self love
  • Greater sense of connection

*** I am currently working on recording a CD for children to help with relaxation and and focus and another for adults on working with the inner critic. Come back soon for more details!