FAQ for Hypnosis in Raleigh

What is hypnosis/hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of enhanced, focused attention. It is a state we all naturally and spontaneously enter several times a day. Have you ever driven your car along the highway and missed your exit because you were focused on something else, or watched a movie and not heard certain noises in the room or your name being called because you were so focused on the movie? These are natural states of hypnosis. When you daydream, you are in a state of self hypnosis. The mind is focusing intently on something specific. All hypnosis is self hypnosis.

In hypnotherapy, we offer specific techniques and tools for individuals to discover clarity in their lives and reach specific goals promoting behavior change while in a state of relaxation. The process of hypnosis is really a process of guided relaxation, of just relaxing and letting go of stress, tension or worries. Once you feel relaxed, I guide you with specific tools to help achieve your desired goal through the use of guided imagery and other techniques. You will be conscious, aware and in control throughout the process.


How do I choose a hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapists are not licensed, but they should be certified. It is important to do some research in finding the person that most resonates with you. When searching amongst practitioners, look at their overall background and how many training hours they received specifically in hypnosis as there is wide variety within the field, some hypnotherapists only receiving a weekend long training. Research where the individual completed his/her training and if it is a style that most resonates with you. I practice transpersonal, client-centered hypnotherapy through Bryn Blankinship’s training program, which is certified through IACT.

It is recommended you also find someone who is fully certified in basic and advanced hypnotherapy techniques and is a member in good standing with a reputable professional organization such as the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. This will at least ensure the individual is meeting minimum qualifications of adhering to ethical guidelines and continuing their education.


Are you a certified hypnotherapist?

Yes. I am fully certified in basic and advanced hypnotherapy as well as spiritual regression (past life regression and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy through the Newton Institute) and maintain membership, in excellent standing, through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. I am also a certified instructor of hypnosis and teach hypnosis training programs.


Can I be made to do or say something I don’t want to do or say while in a state of hypnosis?

No. Nobody can make you do or say anything you are uncomfortable with or anything which goes against your morals and values. You are fully aware, conscious and in control throughout the entire session and can come out of a hypnotic state anytime you wish and even on your own if desired.  You will not share any secrets you do not wish to share. If you have seen hypnotists snap fingers or use other techniques to get individuals to behave in seemingly embarrassing ways, please know this is not real in the sense you may think it is. Some people are more suggestive than others, which means they are more willing to play along. What you see on stage or television is done by skilled stage hypnotists and is only for the purpose of entertainment.

The process of hypnotherapy does require a bond and trust between hypnotherapist and client so that the client may fully relax and gain the full benefit and experience of a session, but you are in full control of your actions and words the entire time.


Is hypnosis a form of psychotherapy?

No. Hypnosis is different from psychotherapy, though some psychotherapists may use hypnosis as a tool.  Hypnotherapists do not diagnose or utilize psychotherapy tools in a conscious state to promote change, and only work with functional individuals who desire change and/or clarity in life. In hypnosis, conversation is taken place while the client is in a relaxed state, allowing the subconscious mind to come into an individual’s awareness. Hypnosis is typically used as an effective and short-term tool to promote behavior change and spiritual exploration, specifically while an individual is in a more relaxed state. If psychotherapy is needed before pursuing hypnotherapy, or in combination with psychotherapy, I do network with several psychotherapists and will make recommendations for that. I reserve the right to refuse to guide hypnosis sessions if I suspect an individual is not mentally stable or at a place in their life where they are able to respond positively to the process of hypnosis. If you experience borderline personality disorder or another clinical diagnosis, I may request a referral note from a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. With your permission, I do often collaborate with other psychotherapists to create the best program for you.


How do I find the best hypnotherapy near me?

I recommend calling a few hypnotherapists near you and asking some questions so you can choose the person who most resonates with you.  It is very important that you feel comfortable in this process and have good rapport with your hypnotist.


Do you file health insurance?

I do not file health insurance. However, some individuals may be able to be reimbursed from their health insurance company, HSA or FSA plans, with a therapist or medical doctor’s note for the purposes of weight loss, smoking cessation, pain management and/or stress management and anxiety. It is your responsibility as the client to contact all parties, get the proper documentation that is required for reimbursement and to check specifically with the company you wish to be reimbursed by to see if you qualify, and if they will accept hypnotherapy/hypnosis from The Mindful Way as a provider. I am not accountable for individuals not receiving reimbursement under any health policy.

All payments are made in full at the time of a session. Smoking cessation and weight loss are paid for in full as packages up front. Once the first session has been completed, refunds are not issued.


I’m not sure I can be hypnotized. Can I?

Everyone is able to go into a state of self hypnosis. We all do it spontaneously and naturally every day. Hypnotherapy does require a trusting bond between hypnotherapist and client, although it is you, the client, who really allows yourself to go into a state of hypnosis with our guidance. I value every individual I work with and hold great respect for your process. There is a very small percentage of the population that has difficulty being guided into this state by another person, but this is rarely the case and if that occurs, some practice and mindfulness instruction can often assist an individual with such difficulties. I will work with you to determine what is the most effective way to enable you to relax. I also offer EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping as another tool to help individuals who may experience nervousness before beginning a session if that feels like it would be supportive. It is natural to feel nervous and unsure if you can go into hypnosis. I assure you that all sessions are individualized and we will work together to find the tools that are most beneficial to you.


Are sessions confidential?

Yes. All sessions are 100% confidential, with the exception of  coming to know an individual’s safety is at risk. If I discover you intend to harm yourself or another being, or that you are being harmed by someone else, I am required to report this to the appropriate authorities in order to keep everyone safe. Inappropriate behavior toward me is not tolerated and will be reported if necessary. However, this has never been the case, and I don’t ever expect it to be so.


Why are there no refunds for a purchased package once a session has begun?

For packages such as weight release and smoking cessation, it is essential that you are committed to the process. Countless individuals have experienced success,  but it does take a commitment for you to be there as an active participant and engage in the process between sessions. Paying for a package before services are rendered helps assist you in being an active participant and fully present in this process. I will support you on this journey in whatever way I can.


What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Please contact me via phone or email as soon you as you know you will not be able to make it. You will be charged for a full session without 24 hour advance notification. This policy is in place because I often book well in advance and want to ensure that I am able to give my clients the best availability with appointments as requested.


What happens if I get a block and am not able to experience a past life regression session?

This rarely happens, although it has happened. If you experience a block, I will offer you a general clearing/stress management session during your scheduled appointment in place of the past life regression session. However, refunds are not issued once a session has begun.


Do you see children or teens?

While I have offered yoga therapy and mindfulness practices for children for the purposes of stress management, or for children with special needs, I usually do not offer individual hypnosis sessions for children or teens. However, if you have something specific you would like to explore or have questions about, please contact me as every circumstance is unique. I may also be able to make a referral for you.


How many sessions are required for hypnosis to work?

Hypnotherapy is very effective as a short-term tool to support behavior change. Most clients experience change and/or relief within just 1-4 sessions, but ultimately, it depends upon the individual and the reason for hypnosis. Past life regression sessions are just one session unless an individual chooses to experience more than that. Other types of sessions may be 2-4 sessions, and sometimes more. Clients who choose to see me more often or long-term are usually individuals interested in seeking ongoing guidance with relaxation and stress management. Though this support can be gained from just a few sessions, some individuals enjoy the personal support of ongoing guided relaxation.


Do you use hypnosis for individuals who experience alcohol and/or drug addiction?

No. It is important for individuals to receive the appropriate care needed to be in a healthy mind state and free from dependency on substances. That said, if an individual has received such care and is sober, I am happy to work with him/her in other ways to meet that person’s goals. I have experience offering mindfulness practices with those who experience substance abuse. However, this kind of session is different than a hypnosis session and still requires a person be sober for an extended amount of time with psychotherapy experience.

I will not work with an individual who is under the influence of mind altering drugs or alcohol. If I suspect this is the case, I have the right to refuse the hypnosis session and a refund will not be issued.


Can a friend or family member sit in with me during my session?

A family member may be present during the intake portion of the session but not during the actual guided imagery experience. It is important this experience be yours for the purposes of confidentiality. What you choose to share after your experience is up to you. At times, I may offer group hypnosis experiences and during these times, you can choose to invite friends and/or family members to participate with you but only when specifically offered as a group experience.


Are hypnosis sessions recorded?

With the exception of past life and Live Between Lives regression sessions, no other sessions are recorded. This is to ensure that undesirable emotional connections that are released remain released. When you listen to something over again, it is important you do not re-experience what was released so you can move forward in a manner that best meets your needs.  I do record past life regression and Live Between Lives sessions, if desired by you, and will send you a recording upon completion of your session.


Are my memories real?

We leave that up to you to decide, but yes, memory recall is very possible and happens quite often. I have assisted individuals with memory recall, but will not do so specifically for the purposes of finding out if one was abused or experienced something traumatic. If this is discovered in session, I will refer you to the appropriate individual for more long-term mental/emotional and or/medical treatment. However, in my current experience, this has not yet happened. It is normal to question if memories experienced are real. We hold all of our experiences within our subconscious. One exercise I ask clients to try is making up a story. Notice where that is experienced and how that is felt within the brain. Individuals often have strong emotional connections while in hypnosis. These same emotional connections are usually absent during a made up story, and experienced in a different part of the brain.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept personal checks, cash and credit cards. I am also able to process payment through the use of your Health Savings Account card, if the session is for stress management/anxiety, weight loss (dr. recommended only) or smoking cessation. Sometimes you HSA company may ask for further documentation from a physician recommending hypnotherapy. Please be sure you can receive this if you plan to use your HSA or FSA account. I do not process payment through FSA cards but can provide you with a receipt with procedure codes for reimbursement. However, it is typically required that you also have a doctor’s note recommending this type of service for a specific condition such as anxiety, obesity, or to quit smoking for health reasons, pain management, etc… There will be a $35 fee for all returned checks.

Can I learn Self Hypnosis?

Yes! Please let me know if you would like to learn self hypnosis and we can take a session to teach you how to do that at home.

How Do I Become a Hypnotherapist? Do you offer Hypnotherapy Training?

Yes, I do offer hypnosis training and am a certified instructor. More information on how to become a hypnotherapist can be found here.


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