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Any kind of loss and change in life can be stressful on the body/mind. Feelings of grief, loneliness, and fear can set in in when we lose something or someone we deeply care about. You are not alone in this experience. Unfortunately, loss is an inevitable part of life, but as you personally heal your heart, you may recognize that loss is also an opportunity to experience our interconnectedness with all beings. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in feelings of overwhelming grief. Although it may not feel like it at the time, it is possible to move beyond such feelings and transform our experience into one of meaning and purpose. Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle way to explore feelings of grief and learn how to move beyond the effects and hold it can take on your life. I combine my training in mindfulness and hypnosis to design sessions that meet your individual needs in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

It takes great courage to stop the behaviors we create to distract ourselves and rather turn toward that which causes us pain. However, it is from this hypnosis and mindfulness work that the path to inner peace is created and may be traveled. I offer a variety of tools to work with emotions that are present in your life, and offers them in a compassionate, caring manner. Unconditional acceptance is provided, and the unique expression of who you are is honored.

What to expect:

First appointment – we will spend some time getting to know one another and based upon our discussion and your needs and desires, will begin to establish a program that best supports your needs. The amount of sessions for this type of work varies. Please allow 90 minutes for your first appointment, in which we will spend about 30 minutes gaining background information and approximately 60 minutes experiencing hypnosis.  All subsequent appointments will be 60 minutes in length. For these sessions, we will briefly discuss progress but the majority of the time will be spent experiencing hypnosis.

Please note that mindfulness work and hypnosis are not a form of psychotherapy, nor are they substitutes for psychotherapy when that service is needed. I do not provide hypnosis for severe depression, severe anxiety, or personality disorders unless an individual has a referral by a psychotherapist or medical physician.  I offer tools one can utilize for efficient behavior change, and sessions with me are typically short-term. For individuals needing more intensive, long-term care, or for situations that call upon specific treatment, Jennifer networks with several psychotherapists and will provide referrals for those seeking or needing that support. I have also found it very effective to combine psychotherapy along with hypnotherapy. I am happy to work with your psychotherapist to create a program that will provide you with maximum, holistic care to best support you on your journey.


What some of our clients have to say about utilizing hypnosis to work with emotions:

“In order for treatment to be effective, there needs to be a trusting bond between the giver and receiver. With you, I have found that bond, which helps me to gain insight into my feelings regardless if they are difficult to deal with or pleasant.”

– M.S.

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